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La Juntanza


“The Gathering" illustrates the power of collective action in driving change.

Set against the backdrop of Colombia, this documentary showcases the resilience and determination of marginalized groups including displaced individuals, mothers, the LGBT+ community, indigenous peoples, and feminists. Through their united efforts, they challenge the entrenched inequalities within the Colombian state, catalyzing a social movement that reverberates through the 2022 elections.

In a historic shift, the nation witnesses the election of its first popular government in 200 years, with Gustavo Petro at its helm. Through the lens of "The Gathering," viewers are introduced to a tapestry of narratives, primarily articulated by four protagonists. María José Pizarro emerges as a beacon of hope, successfully securing a congressional seat through the Historical Pact.

Similarly, Andrés Maíz, a prominent figure in the LGBT+ community and cultural sphere in Popayán, leads the charge for housing rights in the Estrella Roja settlement. Meanwhile, Andrés Duque and Bremen Hinestroza, youthful voices from the frontlines residing in the eco-neighborhood of Sinaí, share their transformative experiences. From advocating for liberated territories to assuming roles as municipal and communal councilors, their journeys underscore the potency of grassroots activism and community mobilization portrayed eloquently in "The Gathering."