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La Juntanza



The Gathering, In a time of climate change, widespread concern, and growing indignation at the lack of action by our elected officials, especially among younger population groups in Denmark, the documentary La Juntanza, shows how we can create change if we come together. La Juntanza offers an inspirational glimpse into how socially and politically marginalized groups, including landless farmers, internally displaced people, women, LBGT+ youth, and indigenous people, may come together in a devoted community. The film is based on firsthand reports of the historic mobilization that occurred in Colombia before the election of a leftist administration there for the first time last year. The documentary makes a solid case for the idea that societal change implies much more than election outcomes and the selection of a certain government. In La Juntanza, you can observe how many other social initiatives emerged from the political organization leading up to the election and carried on their activities after the election. For instance, there is a movement for the return of the land, whereby internally displaced people create the eco-village of Sina in Popayán; there are mobile street/community kitchens that serve food to those who live on the streets; and there is a powerful student movement, whose leaders have now been elected to the Congress. Juan Fernando López, the director and producer of La Juntanza, shot the movie there between 2019 and 2023.